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I am Milan and this is my web page, warm welcome to you. 

In here you can find information on who I am and which kind of services I propose. 

I have been traveling to India a few times and, as you have noticed, I have been influenced by its culture and philosophies. Worry not, I'm neither an hippie nor an illuminated. But with me you will find presence and understanding, wherever you are on your life journey.

See you soon...!


My passion, my intention and my values

What do I do and why I do it...

My deepest passion is to work with our connection to sexual energies. The danse of polarities and the deeper meaning that we find in the embodiment of those. Sexual energies are so much more than what we have been taught. When we get rid of the shame and the shadows attach to it a new world is unveiling to us.

The more we get in touch with our body, our senses and take responsibility for our own pleasure the more we can activate our purpose in this life, our life. 

My purpose is partly to open people to a deeper intimacy with themselves. That allows them to share more authentically their love with their partner but also every one around.

While creating clear and healthy boundaries, recognising their trauma response and their shadows. 

The intention with my work is to bring healing, harmony and contribute to the expansion of consciousness that we experience on the planet. There is a large movement and inspiration to evolve from the old patterns and bring something new in our civilisation. This vision is deeply rooted in the wisdom of the old world and in the same time integrating all the new sciences of today. A mix of the eastern spiritual practices and the psychology, sociology of the western world. 

In the space that I open for my clients, I welcome everything that is coming up in them. With a non-judgmental approach  I guide them to open authentically to their innermost truth in that moment.

Through the relaxation of the nervous system I allow them to find the answer that have the deepest impact on their lives. 

I support them to accept and integrate the transformation that they need to go through, with presence and non-interference. 

My Services

Throughout the year and my life journey I have trained and acquired a few skills. I propose some therapeutic treatments, I work with Reflexology and with Tantric Sexology. I also work together with my client to find the best way to serve them where there are in their timelines. With my back ground as a dancer and a martial artist can also propose a wide range of exercises that might not fall under the two categories listed above. 

Please send me a message using my phone number or send me a mail for reservation.

I look forward to being touch with you.!


Massage of the reflex zones on the feet and the meridians along the body.

Reflexology is the ancient medicine tradition of China, where the doctor are paid to keep you healthy and come to you for free if you are sick. The philosophy behind is to keep the body balanced and to prevent the development of decease.  The massage of the different zones attributed to the relating organs stimulate the natural capacity of the body to self regulate ans self heal, the principle called homeostasis. The system works on the different bodily functions like the digestive system, the respiratory system, the nervous system...

The meridian massage is more focused on the organs themselves and run along the limbs and can be stimulated by massaging the skin over the lines or key point on the body.

The session cost 650 kr for 1,5 hours.

It is possible to purchase a pack of 4 sessions for 2000 kr. 

Tantric Sexology, individual session

One on one session, using different tools to deepen your connection with yourself.

Tantric Sexology is a new way to work on yourself, using techniques from the tantric and the psychotherapy field. In the session we create a safe and relaxed environment for you to investigate the different part of yourself. We will take the time to map yourself and identify where you are in your timeline. But also unfold the different traumas that you have faced and the shadows in you.  We will work with your inner child and the inner woman and man that we all have in our hearts.

I will guide you into a more embodied connection with yourself. You will re-unify with the polarities into you and create more harmony in your life. 

If you have suffered from different kind of addiction, like pornography addiction, I will give you tool to help you. 

I have been also helping men with premature ejaculatory problem with great results. 

All the exercises are presented as an invitation for you, consent is always asked and being trauma informed I'll make sure that you make quick progress in your therapy. 

The session cost 750 kr for one hour.

You can also purchase 3 sessions for 2000 kr.

Tantric Sexology for couples

A session for you two, I will support you into connecting and healing together

The field of Neo Tantra and psychotherapy is really rich into providing exercises to enhance or heal a relationship. In those session we will map the different dynamic that exist in your relation. The different type of sexuality that might be at play and work on creating balance and harmony between you two. 

I'll be providing some tools and advise on how you can ignite more passion and drive in your bedroom. Recognise when you get triggered with your partner and how to meet the other in different terms. 

We will work with polarities, the danse of the feminine and the masculine in you and in your relationship. You will learn to play with those polarities and how to create more stamina and fun in your sexual life. 

The space i will open for you two is a sacred one where everything is allowed and where you can feel safe to be vulnerable. This allow for remarkable progress in your therapy. Being trauma informed I'll make sure that you will benefit from the session, I will always follow up with a call and support.

The session cost 950 kr for an hour.

You can also purchase a pack of 3 session for 2500 kr.


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